Egg incubator hatcher Rcom usb ux20 automatic pre-programmed and usb management-220V

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Part Number RcomUX-20-220V
UPC Rcom UX20 220V
Category Rcom Bird Incubators
Brand 220V to 240V 50Hz
Model Egg Incubator
Availability Available
Electrical Cord Plug proper for your area
Electrical Frequency 220V-240V 50H
Product Specs 
Warranty 2 years. Returned Shipping cost at owner expense. assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from their equipment other than replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on hatchablilty of eggs. Do not expose electrical parts to water.
Condition NEW
ISBN No Egg incubator hatcher Rcom usb ux20 220V

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Egg incubator hatcher Rcom usb ux20 with auto temp humidity, turning, pre-programmed andf usb management-220V

The Egg incubator hatcher Rcom usb ux20 with automatic temperature, humidity, pre-programmed, usb management and automatic egg rolling-220V.

Egg incubator hatcher Rcom usb ux20 ships free to the contiguous US. Discount shipping to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other countries.
 Power: 220V-240V 50H Cord for Europe.

Egg incubator hatcher Rcom usb ux20 main features:

  • Outer temperature sensor for automatic adjustment of heating rate in relation to surrounding room temperature.

  • The egg incubator hatcher Rcom usb ux20 has setup of all variables for several bird and poultry species for quick and easy selection such as: Chicken egg incubating, duck egg incubating, Goose egg incubating, quail egg incubating, parrot egg incubating or other eggs incubating for your particular eggs. Furthermore, you can adjust any variables of the pre-prgrammed bird egg incubating.

  • Three modes of control: manual, automatic, and pc (usb model only).

  • Upgradable to the latest pc program using usb port (usb model only).

  • Connect to the pc for monitoring and management of eggs' density loss, weight loss, database management, and incubation condition with real-time graph indication (usb model only).

  • The egg incubator hatcher usb ux20 allows you to customize the machine as a dedicating incubator with one batch after another. For example, you may use the top row for week one for example and other rows for week 2 and three and then remove the rows to place in a separate hatcher when it is time for them to stop turning while keeping the other eggs in the incubator until it is their hatching days due.
  • Microchip with optimum incubation temperature for selected species of birds. This feature is helpful for beginners.
    Also has manual mode (pro and usb incubator models only)

  • Automatic slide egg-turning mechanism with adjustable frequency such as 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 ,minutes ------- 360 minute intervals. You have flexibility on the

  • Rcom usb ux20 egg turning can be preset from 15 to any angle.

  • Random egg turning angle and intervals available.

  • This egg incubator hatcher Rcom usb ux20 ships with three egg trays: small egg size, standard egg size, and large egg size tray. Three eggs are standard to the Pro and the USB models while the universal tray is a standard to the max incubator.

  • LCD indicates unit is operating

  • Enhanced reliability by using 3rd generation Swiss's sensirion to control temperature and humidity.

  • Digital display of temperature and humidity

  • Automatic temperature setting and control with adjustment from (20C - 42C) 68F - 107.6F (Can switch to F).

  • Automatic humidity setting and control with adjustment 20% to 70%.

  • Automatic water level control and alert when water is empty. Use distilled water only.

  • Egg incubator hatcher Rcom usb ux20 capacity of 20 chick eggs, 20 duck eggs, 10 turkey eggs, 10 goose eggs, 20 pheasant eggs, 48 quail eggs and about 52 parrot eggs as macaw eggs or amazon eggs.

  • Simple digital operation with user friendly controls for hobbies or professional use.

  • Strong smps featured power supply.

  • Thick wide double-glazed viewing window allows observation of eggs with minimal disruption of temperature and humidity.

  • Optimal air circulation technique with 3 strong bldc fans.

  • Manually controlled air vent to adjust the air exchange from outside area.

  • Side plate with embossed feature for preventing skid.

  • Sturdy plastic construction that is easy to clean, disassemble, assemble, and with easy access to the incubation area.

  • Heater safety and reliability features.

  • Self-monitoring safety features include display function and alarm that signals sudden fluctuations such as abnormal

  • incubator temperature or empty water..

  • Safety features include circulating fan cover, automatic saving of incubation data in case of loss of electrical power, electric safety shut-off switch.

  • Main body locking device for safety and easy access to bottom of incubator for cleaning.

  • Display for hatching date and remaining number of days to hatch.

  • Absolutely pleasant design and rich automatic user-friendly features make it one of the best in its class.

  • Please, use distilled water only with the Rcom incubator usb ux20 to avoid accumulation of mineral deposits in the humidifier.

  • Dimension (W.H.L): 500mm x 160 mm x 410 mm

  • Weight: 4.35KG

  • Consumption: 48 Watts

  • Items you will receive include the incubator, instruction manual, trays for small, standard, and large eggs, and electrical cable.

  • Egg incubator hatcher Rcom usb ux20 optional parts sold separately:

  • universal eggs tray and dividers, universal rollers to aid in better eggs turning and egg candler. Note the universal divider and the universal rollers may allow you to place more eggs than with the three regular trays. However, the regular trays may allow for better friction for better turning of eggs.


    Egg incubator hatcher Rcom usb ux20 offers the user many benefits over the model mx20 although both machines are very similar in appearance. The usb ux20 machine main advantage is that it can stop the turning schedule on last hatching days automatically as programmed. This feature is helpful so the operator does not need to remember when to stop the egg turning to prepare for hatching. On the other hands, sensitive eggs such as parrots eggs may need to be rotated at a slower rate than what the full turn of what the mx20 offers such as a quarter a turn every hour or 45 minutes. Please, note that the turn is in angles and so if you set the angle at 90 it means a quarter of a turn and if you set the angle at 15 degree an hour, then the turn would be only one full turn every 24 hours and that may not be enough for your particular eggs. Chicken eggs for example requires at least few turns a day. The pro features are valuable for researchers. Another benefit is that the machine comes preset about the turns intervals, temperatures, humidity, when to stop turning and the duration of the incubation days for many bird eggs that makes it simple and easy to modify as the need arise or set your own parameters. This is a fun and pleasant egg incubator that provides wide and clear viewing experience of the exciting egg hatching observation.