Rfarm mx650 hydroponic Eco-friendly plant growing system indoor using hydroponic-120V

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Part Number RFarm-MX-650
UPC RFarm MX-650 hydroponic
Category RFarm Hydroponic Planting
Brand 110 to 120V 60Hz
Model Hydroponic Planting
Availability Available
Electrical Cord Plug proper for your area
Electrical Frequency 110V and 60 Hrtz
Product Specs 
Warranty 2 years. Returned Shipping cost at owner expense. assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from their equipment other than replacement of defective parts. No warranty on the light or wearable items.
Condition NEW
ISBN No RFarm MX-650 Hydroponic plant growing system-120V

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Rfarm mx-650 hydroponic Eco-friendly plant growing system indoor using hydroponic-120V

Rfarm hydroponic eco-friendly plant growing system mx-650 indoor using hydroponic with ssun lamp, water, humidity and temperature control-120V.

Shipping is free to the contiguous US. Discount shipping to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other countries.
 Power: 110-120V 60H Cord B for USA, Canada and Mexico

Rcom indoor hydroponic plant growing system MX650 main features:

The best Eco-friendly and lively atmosphere whether at home, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, hospitals. It blends anywhere that you can enjoy the beauty of nature year around. The RFarm luxurious design and interior blue and pink lighting effect brings attention and focus anywhere and at anytime.
Rfarm allows you to grow plants in a free environment from contaminates, pests and pesticides, etc. RFarm can grow fresh therapeutic and beneficial herbs and vegetables year around.
RFarm removes the guess work of planting by maintaining comfortable humidity, air and temperature for the plant.
RFarm provides an amazing experience for everyone especially the children to appreciate life and nature and stimulate their natural curiosity.
RFarm is an ideal learning tool and experience for school project whether in conventional classroom or homeschooling.
RFarm is a high quality design and advanced features that offers a luxurious hydroponic friendly and portable system.
Water temperature adjustment
Ventilation fan for air circulation
Eco-friendly LED artificial light sources to minimize power consumption
LED brightness adjustment of an artificial light source
An alarm function of low hydroponic nutrients supply
Contain an efficient light source (LED lens cap and a dedicated LED plant growth in the junction
An attractive Vinyl house resembling the greenhouse effect that allow for rapid plant growth and high energy efficiency.
Rotary opening door and tunnel type cage that block external contamination
Has a pump to facilitate the nutrition of the plant roots with water and oxygen supply
Automatic and regular supply of the Nutrient solution
Requires a hydroponic nutritional solution. The shipment contains 2 bottles of hydroponic solution Type A and Type B.

Rfarm hydroponic plant growing system MX 650 measures approximately: 24 inches long X 17 inches height X 19 inches wide. Shipping box weight 29.8 lb