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Animal and bird icu incubator brooder Rcom Curadle Pro Plus PX160C US ship free 220V
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Part Number Pro_Plus_PX_160C
Category Rcom Pet Brooders
Brand 220V to 240V 50H
Model Pet ICU Incubator
Availability Available
Electrical Cord Plug proper for your area
Electrical Frequency 220V-240V 50 Hrtz Cord for Europe
Product Specs 
Warranty 2 year on electronics, but no warranty on consumable item. Returned Shipping cost at owner expense. assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from their equipment other than replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on pets.
Condition NEW
ISBN No ICU veterinary Curadle Pro Plus PX160C 220V
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Pet Critical Care ICU Rcom Curadle Pro Plus PX160C 220V Product Page

Smart Pet and exotic bird Critical Care ICU Incubator Rcom Curadle Pro Plus PX160C - 220V

This pet and birds critical care, intensive care incubator is designed for veterinaries to care for small animals and birds require intense care due to sickness, injuries or post surgeries. The pet and birds smart ICU features accurate temperature, humidity, warm floor, cold floor, automatic oxygen reading and adjustment, CO2 levels and automatic pre-set emission interventions, Inferred red light, Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to sanitize the internal after use and more features. It features an included IP Camera and apps so clients and veterinarians can monitor the pets remotely on smart phones. It is easy to clean and operate and will be a perfect device to facilitate your pet and animal care.


  • 7" LCD Touchscreen
  • Digital Humidity Control
  • Automatic Humidity emission
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Floor Heating and Cooling
  • Oxygen Tank Compatibility
  • Can connect either Oxygen tank or O2 Concentrator
  • IP Camera and app for smart phone monitoring
  • Treatment Timer setting and alarm (0 to 24H, 1 minute unit
  • Stand pole to hang I.V. medications and devices
  • LED and IR light
  • UV Light for sterilization and internal sanitization
  • Built in electrical plugs for easy electrical source to connect other machines
  • Hand Access to treat animal without opening door
  • Door Hand Access can be closed or use as extra ventilation option without pening door
  • slightly slanted floor with liquid collecting tray
  • Door has multiple opening to thread through an IV tube and comes with silicon seal to plug it if the need to increase internal Oxygen level fast
  • Can reach above 40% oxygen saturation within few minutes
  • Can control the RPM speed of the CO2 ventilation fans (Max 4000 R.P.M.)
  • Multi Language GUI featuring English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic interfaces
  • Elegant and Easy to Use Design
  • Tempered glass door
  • Up to 2 are Stackable
  • Free Shipping*
  • 2 Years Limited Warranty**


  • Product Name: Curadle Smart Incubator Pro Plus PX160C
  • Model Number: PX+ICU160C
  • External Environment Temperature: Optimum 68F - 77F
  • Floor Heating and Cooling Control: -8C - 50C / 18F - 122F
  • Humidity Control: Max. 70%
  • Oxygen Concentration: Max. 40%
  • CO2 Ventilation Trigger: Max. 4000ppm
  • Weight: 126 lb
  • Power: 220-240V 50H and Cord for Europe, Latin America and Asia
  • External Size: 36"L x 20.9"W x 30.2"H
  • Internal Size: 27.2"L x 18.5"W X 19.4"H (Vol. 42.3 Gal)
  • Electricity Use: Average - 95W

*Shipping is free to the contiguous US. Discount shipping to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other countries.

*Please, before you purchase a 220V machine if the shipping is outside the USA, Canada and Mexico, please, email us first before paying to inquire if we can ship to your country.


Warranty is for 2 years as outlined in the manual and below.

Warranty will cover replacement parts during naturally occurring failure of function under normal use within the warranty period which begins when the customer receives the product.

No warranty on consumable items such as filters, hoses, fuses.

The following issues are not under warranty and the customer will be assessed the cost of repair and shipping:

  • Failure due to consumer's mistake.
  • Failure due to natural disasters (fire, earthquake, flood, etc.).
  • Failure due to abnormal power supply or defective connection equipment.
  • Failure due to unauthorized repair or alteration made.
  • Failure due to external causes not the fault of the product itself.
  • Failure due to use of unauthorized third party parts or consumables.
  • Failure or damage due to dropping when moving etc.
  • Failure due to non-cleaning.
  • Failure due to use in a manner not described in the manual.

Video: Pet ICU Incubator small animals and birds smart incubator Pro Plus PX160C

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